About The Company

Coolit by Pankaj is a Thermal Management Solutions brand launched by Pankaj Electronics to address the needs of the electronics Industry in this space. Pankaj Electronics has been part of the Electronics Industry since 1974 representing leading brands in the world for Power Semiconductors , Capacitors , Resistors , Sensors , HV Products and many more. Our endeavour has been to bring forward looking products and technologies to our customers enabling them to design best in class and reliable products.

Our foray into the Thermal Management space is an extension of our efforts in the same direction , wherein now along with Electronic Components we offer cutting edge solutions from around the world.

The offering of Thermal Design Software’s along with our Design Services of System / Board / Component level, elevates us to a very unique proposition for our global customers.

Our Core Value

The result of 750+ satisfied customers from all application segments, spread all over the country and abroad, representing the top brands in the world, is a testimonial to our founder’s philosophy.

Our Mission

Our constant endeavour is to use the strength of new technologies to improve the competitive edge of our customers. We have and will continue to expand our product lines keeping the focus on latest developments in the electronics world.

Our Vision

The latest group investment in building a new infrastructure in Noida, aligns us in the path of future expansion and streamlining our operations to the best references in the world.

To deliver what we believe and say, we have migrated from our existing CRM systems to SAP, the best of class in the industry. We will continue to raise our efficiency bench.